Speaking Engagements


Are you on the lookout for a speaker for your upcoming event?

Excellent, you came to the right place.  Mohamed’s unique speaking style and hands-on knowledge about Investor Relations will add spice to your event.  His presentations are engaging, entertaining and insightful.  He speaks at different conferences and organizations; below is a sample of events he spoke at and some testimonials.  Whether your audience are 50 or 500, Mohamed is the right speaker for you!

Please note that for any speaking engagement, you will be requested to answer a pre-event questionnaire so that you get the right customization level of the presentation to deliver the required message to your audience/delegates.

For more details on the presentations format, durations and other matters, please click here.


“All human beings can be taught the tools to deliver a speech, but there are certain finer aspects of speech-making that can never be taught-such as the speaker’s conviction in the topic and the sincerity with which he or she conveys the message. These are just a couple of examples of “non-technical” criteria which are a product of the personality and character of the speaker and are the key differentiators between glib, silver-tongued orators and those who speak from the heart like Mohamed.”

– Imtiaz Ahmed, General Manager, Yokogawa Middle East, Bahrain


“Mohamed Isa is an amazing speaker, with an immense ability to handle any topic with ease and total command over his audiences. Be it a humorous topic, an informative topic, a business situation or any serious topic, Mohamed does a perfect justice to it!

With his amicable manner of speaking, he captivates the audiences immediately. The hallmark of a good speaker is surely his credibility in the minds of the audiences and over the years, I have noticed Mohamed’s unique skill of adding credibility to every subject handled by him for his speeches.

Certainly Mohamed Isa is one of the most prolific speakers, that I have come across in the past 6 years that I know him!”

– Vilas Deshmukh, Sales & Marketing Manager, Abdulla Yousif Fakhro & Sons, Bahrain


“Mohamed is a speaker who is a role model – even for other experienced speakers.”

– Shaukat Lokhandwala, General Manager (Finance), Haji Hassan Group, Bahrain


“Inspiration from the heart, entertaining and engaging… a clear leader in his field”

– Kevin Craig, CEO & Executive Leadership Coach, Craig Consultants, Bahrain


“Being in the speaking business I seldom find anyone impressive other than myself – Why? I am not a modest person. I love to blow my own trumpet.

But where it came to Mohamed Isa in the year 2010 – Well, I had to eat humble pie.  He not only blew my mind away with his performance, but he touched and impressed all the senior speakers filled in the auditorium that day in Kuwait.

Mohamed Isa is an ever evolving speaker and one who has the potential to be the world’s best.”

– Loy Machedo, Award Winning Speaker & Trainer, UAE


“Mohammed is a creative and natural speaker with the ability to craft effective messages.”

– Mohammed Murad, Managing Director, TanseeQ Event Management, UAE

Speaking at the International Investor Relations Conference in 2010



Recognized by the Organizers of Bahrain Corporate Governance Conference held on 1~3 November 2010

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